Sunday, December 13, 2015

Diagnosis, Medication and New Photos

** Although I've written many of the firsts posts in one day, they're all in chronological order and the wording is quite short. So, reading them from the first to the last makes the most sense. Thanks a lot and many dog hugs! **

Here are some of his latest photos (December 2015) as well as latest test results. The current diagnosis is a combination of lupus and leishmaniasis possibly triggered by zinc deficiency that occurred last year and/or age. Until recently I had no interest in Cesar's age. As explained in the first post of this blog, I've adopted him more than 4 years ago. Recently I've realized that he must have been over 5 at that time, maybe even older.

I post these for two main reasons. I believe they might provide some info for someone else going through the same problem esp. if we can cure it; kind of like a case study here. Also maybe someone - a dog owner or a vet - who had had similar experience will suggest something that is not being done yet; a new test or a supplement or whatever.

The medication & supplements we're using at the moment are as follow:
150 mg allopurinol x 2 with each meal (the medicine is called √úrikoliz in Turkey)
40 mg of Levamizol (the medicine is called Sitraks in Turkey) once every two days
75mg x 2 elemental zinc (given about 4 hours after each meal to prevent absorption conflicts)
2,200 mg Norwegian salmon oil
2 teaspoons of turmeric paste (made with turmetic, some black pepper, water and coconut oil)


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