Friday, November 20, 2015

At first things got worse with zinc supplements

** Although I've written many of the firsts posts in one day, they're all in chronological order and the wording is quite short. So, reading them from the first to the last makes the most sense. Thanks a lot and many dog hugs! **

The pictures below are from 2-3 weeks after we started the treatment for zinc responsive dermatosis. Since things were getting worse and we just had 4 months of wrong diagnosis, I was very hesitant about this one as well.

The most difficult thing about a metabolic disease with dermatological symptoms is that the reaction of the body can take a very long time. If you are doing something that helps or that is bad, it takes at least a few weeks before it shows up. This is what all those vets told me, those vets with irrelevant diagnoses. That's why and how we lost so much time because they kept telling me "just wait."
But it has also been my experience. As I said the skin leisures kept getting worse and worse for almost a month before things started to heal. We were 2-3 weeks into zinc responsive dermatosis treatment when these pictures were taken.
We used zinc oxide for a few weeks at first because that's what the vet prescribed. When I read about different types of zinc and absorption qualities, I switched to zinc picolinate.

After a medicated bath (every week) when the dead skin is scrubbed away

how it spread to the whole body

Skin lesions are not the best smelling things, but he's still me beloved dog son <3


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