Friday, November 20, 2015

How we met

Let me make this first post about how our roads crossed with this gorgeous dog.

The very first look when we entered the house to drop the other dog and to take Cesar.
Cesar and I met on a facebook post on a cold February day in 2012. He was a stray and some people were threatening to shoot him dead, so this lady who used to feed him on the street posted his pictures online and asked for help. She said there is nowhere she can take him, and he can be killed any time. Cesar and the lady were in a different city about 500 km (310 miles) away from me, so all I could do when I saw the post was reposting to my followers and specifically asking for help from my friends in that city. I kept doing this for a few days in a row with no hope. The thing is we live in a country with a hugggeee stray animal population, and those of us who try to do something for them always have their hands full. Weirdly enough, there is not a single animal hotel in that city, so all my efforts to organize placing him in a safer place were inconclusive. Spending a lot of time on the phone trying to save this doggie did not pay off from a distance of 500 km.
Hellooo, I hear we're going to Istanbul, huh?
As always me and my friends had fosters, all those animals we rescued and looking for homes, some in clinics, etc. This happens to be the story of our lives. Given the situation, it just didn't make sense to go get him, but when my friend Eda suggested to do so, I said okay and we bought a dog box and plane tickets for the next day.

Walking before getting back on the plane. Our first of many walks.
Very same day, a dog residing in my city found a home in Izmir (where Cesar was), so we took the newly rehomed dog to Izmir and got Cesar from Izmir to Istanbul (where we live) to foster him and to keep him safe while looking for a home. The adopter of the dog we took to Izmir, with whom we are very close friends now, got Cesar from the street he was in (which was far away from the airport). So we went to Izmir on a plane, dropped off the rehomed dog to this lady, got Cesar from him and jumped back on the plane.

Same day, coming to Istanbul from Izmir with the Mr.


  1. Did you have any success in treating?

  2. Did this also affect your dogs paws?

    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for reading and adding a comment. Paws are not affected. The patches are generally not itchy, he itches them very rarely, I think when the skin is falling off. As for the treatment I think he's a bit better with the last medication combination we're using. Not much better though. Most patches are healing as some new ones are forming, so I can't tell whether it is healing or not :/