Saturday, November 21, 2015

Can you help us? I thought it was over; I was completely wrong!

** Although I've written many of the firsts posts in one day, they're all in chronological order and the wording is quite short. So, reading them from the first to the last makes the most sense. Thanks a lot and many dog hugs! **

Spring and then summer came and Cesar was so much better! Our vet, who had completely lost interest in our case, told me to lower the dosage and then stop the zinc supplement and things should be fine. Well, it wasn't!

I (since there was nobody else to seek help regarding medication :/ ) lowered the dosage by 25%, from 100 mg. to 75 mg. per day. I was also giving him some biotin.
There was a time at the beginning of summer when he was 90-95% healed. Some lesions on his ears were still present but I guess it was as low as 5% of how it was at its worst.
Then suddenly he got open wounds on his elbows.

We started our vet visits again and hearing the story, everyone seemed to think it was zinc responsive dermatosis. By everyone I mean all the vets who heard this disease from me, but they had no other idea, so would say "the elbow must be due to that as well."

I added a new supplement at this point, seaweed.
So from August - beginning of Nov 2015 (which is the date I'm writing it now) it was:
- 100 mg zinc picolinate in 2 doses
- 1.000 mg seaweed in 2 doses
- 10.000 mcg biotin in 2 doses
- 2.000 mg fish oil

Since November it is:
- 150 mg zinc picolinate in 2 doses
- 2.200 mg fish oil
- 20.000 mcg biotin in 2 doses

I increased zinc after reading a few scientific articles* on the issue.

In spite of all this zinc, the illness is rapidly returning and new bold spaces are opening in him. The elbows seemed to get better, but new areas opened up on his face, ears, legs. For the first time, his nose is losing the thick black skin. When it first started it was on top of the nose where there is fur. This time it is the actual black nose that is opening up and scarring.

All the photos are from the end of Nov. 2015.
I basically don't know how to supplement or what to do; hence, opened up this blog to seek help from people who are knowledgable about this illness - or whatever might be going on.
If you have any ideas, any tests you'd recommend me to get done (which I may or may not find in Turkey :/ ), just anything at all, please comment and/or contact me.
Thanks so much in advance.

Articles I've read and recommend on this (sorry, I'm just copying the info from the article rather than writing it in APA format since )

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