Friday, November 20, 2015

How it started.. A Patch is not always just a Patch!

In the summer of 2014, he got a tiny patch of bold space on his nose. When it comes to health, I'm pretty cautious, so we went to see a vet right away.
That's when our endless clinic visits started.

In the next 4 months he was diagnosed with
1. fungus
2. allergies
3. demodectic mange and
4. combination of these things
by many many  different veterinarians.

With every new diagnosis and treatment, he got worse, and the patches spread. For the first 3 months it was very slow, so I couldn't tell if it was getting worse or healing (and the vet would always say "it takes a long time for the treatment to cure, so be patient"), but then suddenly he started losing hair and thick flakes of skin from so many places on his face, and then some on his body. 
When it first started, you can see something is wrong on the nose.
I don't have skin lesion pictures of those 4 months mainly because I didn't know it was going to be such a serious and chronic illness.
It was more like the vet says "this is ... . I'm positive. Here is the medication, may take a month or two to heal, be patient, keep going with this treatment;" I believe it and apply the treatment, and then see someone else when it gets worse (usually at least a couple of vets working in the same clinic agreeing on the diagnosis), then believing that new treatment is actually the cure. Little did I know that we were wasting time and using unnecessary medication.

The weird thing is there has been times when two vets would interpret the very same test result completely differently.
One example was the skin test for fungus. The result report said something like "fungi spores were found". The interpretation of one vet was that this was a fungus case, the result was positive and she prescribed accordingly.
Cesar's reaction to this treatment was horrible, he got worse rapidly, so I took him to another clinic.
This time another vet looked at the same report by the lab and said "spores are always found on the skin, this test is actually negative for fungus. The previous vet interpreted it completely wrong!"
I'm not a vet, and just didn't know who to trust. I'm just a rescuer and a dog owner who is trying to treat sick dogs, be it stray or adopted by me.

and it is Suzie in front of him

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