Friday, November 20, 2015

Awesome 2,5 years!

Next 2,5 years, he was perfectly healthy. When I first adopted him, I gave him some supplements like Vitamin E, which I read could help with lead. Then I dropped them, he was on a BARF diet and fish oil supplements like the rest of my dogs and everything was great. I cut his hair short once or twice at the beginning to observe the lead pellets and some that were close to the skin actually left his body.

I used to write a dog blog in Turkish from Suzie's perspective, who happens to be one of my other rescued dogs. I got this domain, thinking that I could start blogging in English where Cesar tells the stories of us rescuing and fostering dogs, the walks we have, the places we visit, etc. Basically it would be the story of Cesar's life. I never got to do it because taking care of my dogs and rescue work took so much time, I just kept postponing writing the blog.
Anyways here are a few pictures from those times. By the way I did all the blood work every year and got with great results, he was very healthy.

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